Profile: Cunning Design Studio


GLOBE Enterprise members David & Eldon own Cunning Design Studio in Wonthaggi. 

The pair offer graphic design, copywriting and interior design services. 



What motivated you to join GLOBE?

Having met the very positive and enthusiastic team on the GLOBE stand at the 2016 Midsumma Carnival, we were keen to join GLOBE when we felt our freelance business had reached an appropriate point. It's now at that point.

We saw GLOBE as an excellent networking opportunity. Being based in the country (Wonthaggi) provides a limited range of potential clients, whereas GLOBE would give a much wider reach, but in a more direct and personal way than strictly online.


How long have you been working as Cunning Design Studio? How did the business come about?

We set up the business in a basic form about 18 months ago, following us each completing a range of training courses to develop skills in graphic design, writing and editing and interior design. We have both continued with those studies, have further developed the business, and are now moving our freelance work out into the wider world.


Which industries/clients do you typically work with?

So far, mostly local organisations including acommunity foundation and theatre group. David's program for the Wonthaggi Theatrical Group's 2016 production of Evita was nominated for an Award as Most Outstanding Program for 2016.

For Eldon's interiors side of the business we would look to work with residential and smaller commercial retail businesses. For David's graphic design, writing and editing work, we would look to work across all sectors that are looking for more traditional print-based work (we are not web or app designers).


You've both been active in the community - PFLAG, Gay Games and ALSO Foundation - what do you find rewarding about involvement in the LGBTI community?

We both enjoy working together with like-minded people towards a goal that is bigger than any individual could achieve alone.


If you could now speak to your 18 year old selves, what advice would you give them?

Interestingly in discussing this question, we both had the same answer: Don't settle for something that's safe, be more willing to take a risk - it will all work out.


Do you have an LGBTI role model? If so, who?

David: not so much a role model, but many years ago I heard a line in the play "Angels in America" that really struck a chord with me. Towards the end of the play a character says "We will be citizens - the time has come". I'm really gratified to see members of the LGBTI community taking on important roles in the wider Australian community, and being very proud about who they are and what they represent.


If you'd like to enquire about Cunning Design's graphic design, copywriting or interior design services we encourage you to visit You can also get in touch by calling 0457 7868 68 or emailing

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