GLOBE Member Profile: Clive Carl

clive.gifClive Carl
Globe Member Since 2013
Hometown: Richmond
Current Industry: Electrical & Communications Services / Contracting
Current Occupation: Owner / Director at Well Connected Pty Ltd


Clive got his start as an electrician working on the construction of many famous venues in Melbourne, such as Crown Casino and Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Over the years he gained experience in estimating and account management, amongst others managing the accounts of some well-known companies like Medibank and Optus, making sure their electrical and communication performance was up to standard. Because of the versatility of his skill set, he started taking on more project manager roles. He eventually left on his own led to pursue his dream of running his own business, which he accomplished in 2013. 

Clive has worn the hat of many roles throughout his career and we were intrigued to profile him to hear more about his professional experiences and interests.


How did you get involved with GLOBE?

I checked out GLOBE ages ago when I originally began thinking about running my own business when I heard it was an organisation that supported gay owned/friendly businesses. When I decided to kick-start my business in 2013, it made sense to expand my professional network within the community by getting more involved with GLOBE. I immediately felt welcomed and was encouraged to participate in various GLOBE functions, which provided many opportunities to engage with other members and to meet members that sit on the committee.


What goals have you set for career path?

I’m working hard to continue with growing my business and always seeking opportunities for improvement, especially with customer service. Also, I’m focusing heavily on working with industries that are conscious of their environmental impact and invest in resources that utilise renewable energy and create sustainability.


Scenario: You’re given the chance for a career swap, what path would you choose?

In my final year of high school I thought I wanted to be a journalist until I spent two weeks working in a dark room during an internship at Leader Newspapers. I didn’t know such a role existed until my time spent there, but I now know my perfect alternative career would be photojournalist.


How has networking contributed to your personal career success?

In my work history, there’s only been two jobs that I’ve had to apply for directly. The first was a morning paper route I took on at the age of 11, and the other was at an electro-technology company back in 2011. All other job opportunities I’ve received have been through networking, which has also played a pivotal role in the success and growth of my business.


What idiom or phrase do you think is most annoying and overused in the workplace?

One I find most annoying is the phrase, “It will take as long as it takes.” I don’t hear it very often (thankfully!), but do know it’s still in circulation.


If relevant, is there any additional information or important projects you’re working on that you’d like to share with GLOBE members?

A project that my team and I are currently working on is installing LED lighting for a fellow GLOBE member’s home in Windsor.  The owners have really embraced LED technology amongst other things to keep energy costs down as much as possible and I want to share a few tips with everyone.

Anyone who has to pay an energy bill should look at replacing their existing high power draining fittings and lamps with new LED fittings.

Power prices are continuing to increase and replacing existing lighting with an LED can help conserve energy and provide you with significant savings on your electric bill. It’s important to do your research to make sure you’re not investing in sub standard products. Purchase from a known brand and make sure you receive proof of warranty. Also, clarify the extent of coverage for the manufactured goods, including the cost of labour to repair or need to replace.

If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me to discuss.

Clive Carl
Well Connected Pty Ltd
Canterbury Street, Richmond VIC 3121
M: 0417 267 553

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