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  • commented 2017-05-02 21:54:31 +1000
    LGBTIQ – Support & Protection Services is an independent Non-Government organisation that assists other community organisations to provide a suite of confidential and community support services. We assist clients with psychological and physical health challenges to better manage daily life challenges in a non-judgemental environment.

    Our focus is to assist those who are in need. Our unique proposition is due to the direct personal life experiences of each of our volunteers, all who have had their psychological or physical disability challenges. All of our volunteers have overcome these challenges and are now equipped to better support and empathise with our client’s needs. Direct experience is powerful and real. It is not learnt from a textbook.

    We deliver services within Melbourne, Victoria, and other cities and states as required.

    Our Pitch:

    Our volunteers are everyday people with direct life experiences around their own complex mental or physical health issues that they have overcome in the past or are currently managing. Due to this direct experience, our volunteers are better able to empathise, support and aid those clients who are currently in a similar situation. We have “walked in the shoes of our clients” and know what support is actually required.

    Our Values:

    Honesty, Loyalty, Trust, Respect, Courage, Integrity & EQUALITY.

    We recruit team members within our organisation, who have been through personal psychological and physical health concerns. Due to the direct experience from their own lives, our volunteers offer greater empathy, understanding, advice and a unique personalised service relevant to each client. We care because we have been there ourselves and want to help.

    We value the direct experience of our volunteers, who have “walked in the shoes of our clients” at some time in their own lives. We value the integrity, passion and commitment of our volunteers to our organisational values whilst delivering a personalised service to our clients, rather than a list of qualifications on a volunteer’s CV that they may have accumulated.

    We help those who are in need with some of the following services that we are licensed to deliver;


    Housing assistance
    We aid clients who “fall through the cracks” of the government system and help them to secure stable housing. We assist clients to pass or navigate the credit checking process, complete rental housing applications, assist them to access share accommodation or other housing solutions and help them navigate the blacklisting notification service (i.e. VEDA & National Tenancy Database).

    Health and well-being assistance
    We assist clients to get the appropriate services for their unique health and well-being needs, so they don’t fall through the cracks. Some clients have complex psychological and physical health concerns and need through services not currently provided by government agencies or other social ventures/ charities. For example, we may physically accompany clients to medical appointments to provide support and provide basic case management tailored to the client’s needs and what capacity the volunteers can provide given their experience and availability.

    Creating safer communities, training and practical advice
    We help build safer communities by assisting organisations such as Neighbourhood Watch and local City Council to enhance their existing programmes. For example, we provide current crime statistics for the local council area’s and assist clients with basic security measures to ensure they have a safe and secure home. We work with other community organisations to improve neighbourhood and community awareness around safety and security issues, provide feedback to local councils around neighbourhood safety concerns and suggestions to the council’s to improve public safety. We provide training and practical advice on specific safety measures to prevent the theft of motor vehicles, number plates and personal belongings.

    Employment Assistance.
    We provide resume tips and interview help from qualified and trained advisors within the disability employment services sector, Fair Work Ombudsman training services and Quality Service Framework training. We also provide referrals to other agencies as required to assist our clients.

    Personal, Shopping and Daily Living Assistance.
    We provide a personal/living out of home supported shopping service. For example, we help clients to go shopping to aid those who have major complex disorders such agoraphobia and severe anxiety. We help minimise compulsiveness with shopping, manage budgets and how to pay some bills.

    Yours Sincerely.

    Executive Management

    Email: | Mobile: 0412 802 182 (Text only)

    PO BOX 630
    Croydon VIC 3136


    Donate to our ALPHA ZULU PROGRAM,

    Our Values: Honesty, Loyalty, Trust, Respect, Courage, Integrity & EQUALITY.