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    Hello, I am majoring in Public Relations and I am currently looking for an internship as it is a requirement for my core unit. Please feel free to contact me at a time of your convenience.
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    I’m writing to you with a somewhat unusual request, I suppose.

    I’m a professional wedding and couples photographer, and a third year Bachelor of Photography student at RMIT University, specializing in documentary. I’m currently working on the following project, which I’m searching for more couples to part-take in:

    “Our souls crave intimacy” is a photographic documentary project exploring the various ways couples express their love. It aims to challenge the societal norms of how love should enfold. Whether we choose to express intimacy through monogamy or polyamory, through tender touch or bondage and domination, whether we love men, women, or both, whether we are 18 or 80 – we still share the need to feel loved and desired. Our hearts long for love and intimacy.

    The series will consist of several small photographic essays on a variety of couples. It explores their unique bonds, but also what they all have in common – the human desire for emotional and physical intimacy.

    I’d love to add more diversity to the project, and would love to know whether you’d be able to pass this information on to your members for their consideration?

    In addition to having my professional portfolio up online (, I’d also be happy to show initial work from this specific series to anyone who might be interested.

    Kind regards,

    Ine Andrea Ertvaag
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    Carisa Hendrix, one of the most controversial magicians in the world today, is coming to The Melbourne Magic Festival to perform her new show ‘The Ladies Guide to Deceit and Debauchery’

    You can read all about Carisa in her press release here

    For interviews, pics and photo opportunities – call 040 8862442
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    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I hope you are well.

    I’m a nurse at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.

    I’m reaching out to you, looking for opportunities to connect with young men aged 16 -19.

    As well as offering services in STI screening, treatment and counselling, we also regularly run research projects.

    We are looking to recruit young men who are sexually active, in the stated age bracket for important HPV research.

    If there were any appropriate opportunities you thought might allow us to link in with young men, we’d very much appreciate any ideas or help you might be able to offer.

    Here are some links, should you wish more information: (generic landing page for both studies above)

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Your time is really very much appreciated. Thank you
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    Hello, I am a third year Journalism student from Melbourne University and I would be extremely grateful if someone from your organisation could answer a couple of quick questions for a news story (assignment) I am writing. Some researchers suggest that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, and if this is true should non-offending pedophiles (people who are sexually attracted to children but have never acted on these desires and never intend to) be given more sympathy, and perhaps be included in the LGBTI community? Or do they have absolutely no place in it? I am certainly not suggesting that they should be part of it, I’m just asking for a response to recent research claims. Will I be able to have someone from your organisation comment on these issues (and have his/her name attached to the statement)? Let me know if anyone is free from the 18th of March to the 23rd. They can respond via email (or Facebook Messenger), or meet with me in person (whatever is most convenient). Thanks so much for your time!

    Sue-Ann Chan
  • commented 2017-02-17 11:37:08 +1100
    Hi Globe members,

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Chi and I provide bookkeeping services using most recent accounting software Xero and I have been working as an accountant for 5 years. My expertise is Business Activity Statement Lodgement, GST, bookkeeping, bank reconciliation using Xero, etc.

    Please email me for confidential discussion about what I can help with your needs.

    I believe your support will help me grow and i will try my best to provide the best service to our community.

    Cheers and Thanks.
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    Good morning members/Globe Committee,

    Can anyone please guide me on how to post my business on directory.

    Also, I provide bookkeeping services using most recent accounting software Xero and I have been working as an accountant for 5 years. My expertise is Business Activity Statement Lodgement, GST, bookkeeping, bank reconciliation using Xero, etc.

    Please email me for confidential discussion about what I can help with your needs.

  • commented 2017-01-25 17:23:51 +1100
    Hi Globe committee,

    I’m a Consultant Psychologist and I’ve recently become an independent Globe member and am launching a training business this year called PsychReach. Just wondering what might be the best way to market this business and also possibly present at a business breakfast. We offer training and support to organisations on mental heath awareness, positive psychology as well as coaching. Jeff
  • commented 2016-12-20 17:40:30 +1100
    Connect Property Partners has a rare Art Deco residence in Malvern E for private sale.

    This property will be open by Invitation Only Wednesday Evening from 5.30pm-6.00pm

    In your community there may be one or two who are seeking a rare opportunity to acquire a 3br original Art Deco property in excellent condition. Huge rear yard just a few doors down from Central Park.

    Contact me if of interest

    Kim 0406604411
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    How do I post my business on the directory
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    I am looking to do some volunteer work before I do my placement for my diploma of community services and I would really like to work within an LGBT+ organisation. Any ideas?
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    From what I can tell, you are doing a lot of great marketing, but around 98 per cent of leads to your website are leaving without taking any action on your site. I can show you how, through reverse IP lookup, we can identify the companies and individuals visiting your site. I can also provide you with the contact info – including names, emails and phone numbers – of these visitors, effectively doubling or tripling the number of leads that can be harvested from your existing web traffic.

    My team has over twelve years of experience driving results for our clients, and we want you to be a part of their long reputation for success. We’re based in Los Angeles, we’re Google partners, and we’ve received accolades from Inc Magazine and the LA Business Journal.

    Is there a time this week that works best to set up a call?


    Charles M. Gilbert

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    Dear Whom it may concen,

    My name is Michael Pierrehumbert, I am the current LGBTQIA Officer for the Victoria University Student Union and the VU Pride President for 2016. I am contacting in regards to finding out more about Global, what a university collective help and do for Global and any other networks we can create with you for future projects and campaigns.

    Thank you for your time

    Kind regards

    Michael Pierrehumbert

    LGBTQIA Officer for VUSU 2016\

    VU Pride President 2016
  • commented 2016-06-09 14:57:40 +1000

    I thought I would reach out to your group about potentially hosting you next event at our coworking space.

    Feel free to get in contact with me on the details I have listed below.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • commented 2016-05-26 15:16:58 +1000
    Hi there,

    My name is Alana and I am writing on behalf of the Marriage Equality Campaign running out of Victorian Trades Hall.

    We are organising the only field campaign on the issue of marriage equality and are looking for volunteers to help out!

    Our aim is to make marriage equality and LGBTIQA+ issues visible come election time, and to make sure people are aware of the plebiscite if the Liberal party remains in government.

    We are looking for any activists who would be interested in attending any street stalls, poster runs, door knocks or phone banks. We provide full training for these activities and no prior experience is needed.
    If there is a newsletter announcement or email you could send out to your subscribers that would be great.

    If you wanted to have a chat my number is 0424 148 400.


    Alana (Marriage Equality Team)
  • commented 2016-04-29 19:21:15 +1000
    Hi. I am a permanent resident of Australia, presently residing in Sri Lanka. I together with my partner have just started a LGBT travel company called Foozoo. We also have a gay managed home-stay in the heart of Colombo. It is a pretty bold step because this is completely owned and run by us where as the very few other LGBT friendly businesses in Sri Lanka have foreign connections (As in the owner/co-owner are westerners and they usually have far less problems with the locals).

    I have seen a big change in attitudes towards the LGBT community and it is positive change. Our travel company offers gay friendly accommodation and employs at least one LGBT Staff member on the permanent roster. We also intend to design personalized tours for the Gay traveler to Sri Lanka. And because we are local we know the country and the community inside out and can actually cater something unique.

    I will be in Melbourne in late May 2016 and was wondering if anyone here can help me organize to host a small presentation. I could give a brief to the country, relate some stories, do a show and tell presentation etc and hopefully encourage some of you to visit or be partners in our venture. Sri Lanka keeps getting featured as one of the world’s top travel destinations and we have loads of fun experiences to be offered.

    Looking forward to your inputs, ideas and support!

    Please email us at or message us on our Facebook Page

    Thank you so much for your support in advance
  • commented 2016-04-18 13:57:09 +1000
    I have a question re access and equity in membership I’d like to ask. How can I contact someone by email on this — as this appears at risk of posting somewhere? Thank you. Chris.
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  • commented 2016-01-28 13:58:21 +1100
    I was just wondering when your next networking event is – I was told that it is either Tuesday 9th Feb or Thursday 11th Feb. I am starting up a small sole trading business with plans to grow into a social enterprise and would like to attend to see if Globe provides the right opportunities to share experiences and opportunities, prior to taking out membership.
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  • commented 2015-11-25 15:39:58 +1100

    Topic: LGBTIQ & Community Development

    Submissions Due: April 18 2016

    The Australian people have indicated a desire for equal marriage rights for the lesbian and gay community members. Several governments across the world have adopted laws to create equal access to marriage, de-facto status, social security, life insurance and superannuation rights. The Australian federal government is yet to pass laws that grant fair and equal rights.

    While progress is being made in some areas, some groups within our communities are left out of the discussion on social justice. In Australia, silence prevails over justice matters concerning transsexual and intersex community members.

    What community initiatives are active in seeking justice for LGBTIQ community members? How have the numerous endeavors to challenge injustices to these communities already made progress both locally and globally? What is motivating the attitude changes across the world?

    We invite you to critically investigate and write on the LGBTIQ movement; the intersection between community development and social justice for LGBTIQ-identifying citizens.

    Submit your article to the Managing Editor, Mish Colla:

    • Remember to look at the Article Guidelines on the website at

    You can assist by:

    1) Spreading the Call For Articles among your networks

    2) Submitting an article yourself or your community

    3) Submitting artworks / graphic design pieces to go alongside our articles (B&W), or even on the front page (colour).

    We also accept book reviews so if you have any links to recent reviews that need a little more advertising, we’d be happy to include it.

    Also accepted, opinion pieces, formal refereed articles, poems and art pieces.

    Details are in the website:

    In kindness,

    Mish Colla

    Managing Editor

    New Community Journal

    03 9819 3239
  • commented 2015-11-18 18:58:26 +1100
    Hi there,

    I am writing for my friend since he is in detention centre for not having a valid visa in Australia. He is so afraid of returning to his home country due to his gender is not accepted. I am wondering if your organisation does offer any support in this case? He really need help.
  • commented 2015-11-16 22:28:28 +1100
    Hi There, I am coming down to Melbourne from Sydney – would love to have a minute to Share Fosslr with Fruits&blend Melbourne this Thursday –

    SGLBA member and former Event Director.