Announcing recipients for the 2015 Community Grants

GLOBE is proud to announce the recipients of the 2015 GLOBE Community Grants, supporting Victorian GLBTI-focussed projects and initiatives.

Each year GLOBE runs a granting round to support community groups to achieve their goals and further support the GLBTI community through small grants. We are excited to announce the five grant recipients and the first recipient of the GLOBE Community Grants Schalorship.

Joy 94.9
We gave Joy 94.9 a community grant to support their tech drive aimed at getting a new radio transmitter for Joy. GLOBE believes this was essential in helping Joy continue provide the essential service that it provides to GLBTI people living in Melbourne/suburbs.

Australian Pride Network
We see the GLOBE Community Grant assisting the Australian Pride Network in achieving its potential in its development stage. The grant will support the cost of Incorporating the Australian Pride Network – to become a legal entity. It will also contribute to the expenses of having postcards printed for distribution at key locations and events.

Switchboard Victoria
In 2014 Switchboard Victoria received Federal funding to provide a volunteer based home visiting service for older GLBTI Victorians. The aim of the “Out and About” program is to reduce isolation and improve community connectedness for older Victorians in receipt of Home Care Packages. Volunteers visit on a regular basis to undertake activities such as talking and sharing life stories, reading, watching television or a movie, or going out for a walk.

This program faces a number of challenges in reaching an often hidden population, especially given the reluctance of many GLBTI seniors to reveal their sexuality or gender identity to mainstream aged care services. Switchboard will use the grant to produce promotional teabags to market our new Out and About service. The Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) also have a GLBTI community visitor scheme and have found the teabags to be very popular

Transgender Victoria
TGV has identified a number of professional and personal skill gaps in its membership base and that of other Victorian-based organisations. Addressing these skill gaps would go a long way in developing the community and increasing participation in community life. Previous content has included a SAFETALK suicide alert workshop facilitated by Anxiety Recovery Centre of Victoria, which helped to enable community members to notice and respond to situations where talk of suicide may be present, and Trans and Gender Diverse Success Stories to provide hope and inspiration for those still facing challenges and problems.

Beyond Priscilla: The Play
The project that the grant will support is Beyond Priscilla: The Play. Beyond Priscilla started life as a book, written by Daniel Witthaus, with its sole purpose to share the hundreds of everyday stories that he collected on his 266-consecutive day drive around rural Australia to challenge homophobia one cuppa at a time. The aim of the book was to share the everyday LGBTI stories that he encountered but also to speak to mainstream rural Australia
The power and response to the subject matter found in Beyond Priscilla make it a perfect piece of writing to adapt into a play. Theatre is a wonderful way to engage audiences and has been proven time and time again to be an amazing educational tool. Fusing the everyday stories with the power of theatre would see LGBTI people have their own stories reflected back at them and showcase everyday stories of rural Australia and how they can compel audiences to reflect on where we are twenty years after Priscilla hit the silver screens.

GLOBE Community Scholarship
Steven Solodky exemplifies the enterprising spirit seen from a lot of scholarship applicants this year. After years in the corporate world, Steven has returned to study to retrain for his passion. Training as a professional counselor, Steven hopes to be able to use his personal perspective to support the LGBTI community. The scholarship will help Steven fund work placement and professional development as he continues his study.

GLOBE would like to thank everyone who applied for the community grants in 2015. There was an amazing selection of individuals, groups and projects and the calibre of the winners is exemplary of the calibre of all of the applicants.