Established in 1992, the Gay & Lesbian Organisation of Business & Enterprise (GLOBE) Inc. is Victoria’s pre-eminent professional, business, social and community networking organisation focused on the LGBTI community.

Originally a business and professional networking organisation for the LGBTI community, GLOBE has since grown into an organisation that supports Victoria’s business, professional and community needs.


Our Vision

To unite the Victorian and the Australian LGBTI community and its supporters through social, professional and community events and create opportunities for participants to build professional and support networks.


Our Mission

GLOBE is a non-profit organisation that provides LGBTI business, professional and community groups the opportunity to further develop their interests and network with like-minded individuals and groups. GLOBE welcomes members of the LGBTI community and their supporters to engage and develop their individual and group interests.

GLOBE's mission is to:

Raise the profile of our organisation in order to be able to cater for the needs of our members within the LGBTI and the wider business communities.

Provide a business, professional and social environment for our members to realise the full potential of business, professional and community networking within the LGBTI community.



During the 1992 Midsumma Festival, 16 people attended a meeting at the Angel Cafe in Brunswick Street and decided that a business group should be set up. GLOBE founders Tony Dodd and Kerry James took the lead and started the massive task of developing this idea..

Late in February 1992 the Gay and Lesbian Organisation for Business and Enterprise (GLOBE) officially formed to provide a safe place for LGBTI people to network and develop their business and professional interests.

By August 1992, GLOBE had 92 members and had formed connections with other gay and lesbian community groups in Victoria and around Australia.

GLOBE's membership base is diverse and has steadily increased over the last few years. Members include a range of individuals that identify as LGBTI and their supporters and the group is open to individuals, businesses, corporates and community groups that want to engage and develop their networks and interests in Victoria's LGBTI community.